Announcing Learning 2.0 @ Mac!

Michael Stephens @ McMaster!

This morning, Michael Stephens gave an awesome presentation here at McMaster & helped us kick of Learning 2.0 @ Mac (for those who missed Michael’s session, don’t despair! We recorded his talk and will make the audio file available to anyone who’d like to have a listen)! Thank you to Michael for taking the time to visit and share his ideas, enthusiasm, & insight with us!

So, what is Learning 2.0 @ Mac? It’s a hands-on, immersive learning programme that provides McMaster University Libraries staff an opportunity to explore Web 2.0 tools and the impact these tools are having on libraries & library service. Learning 2.0 @ Mac is all about exploration, discovery, and play! For more details, check out the programme’s About page (don’t miss the section on “incentives”!) and for a list of our activities during the 12-week programme, have a look at the list of weekly activities.

Learning 2.0 @ Mac begins on Monday, February 12th and sign-ups are now open! All staff members who would like to participate in the programme, send us an email message to let us know. Once you’ve registered, watch this space (and your email) for more info!

Learning 2.0 @ Mac is brought to you by the Emerging Technologies Group at McMaster University Library. ETG is indebted to the Learning 2.0 program at the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenberg County and Helene Blowers for the inspiration and ideas!

Questions? Leave a comment here or email us!

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  1. Rhonda Moore on

    Amanda (and group)

    I found Michael’s talk this morning very exciting and informative. Definitely raised some ideas to ponder!
    I am also very excited about this new programme (libraries 2.0) and can’t wait to get started. I am involved in some area already, but look forward to jumping in and ‘playing’ in those areas I’m not as familiar with.

    thanks so much!!

  2. Wade Wyckoff on

    Unfortunately, I missed the big kick-off to our Learning 2.0@Mac events–I was in Toronto at the Ontario Library Association conference (which is not unfortunate, it’s a terrific conference)–but I would love to have been there for Michael’s talk.

    I’m really pleased to hear we had such a good turnout and so much excitement about the program. In fact, we have more than 30 people signed up already! That enthusiasm and excitement is what will make this project so much fun.

    Thanks to everyone who’s already jumped in. And to everyone else, please join us!

  3. […] Last week, we were super fortunate to have Michael Stephens join us on campus for the launch of our very own learning 2.0 programme: Learning 2.0 @ Mac! […]

  4. Kelly Penfold on

    I’m really pleased to see that we already have 58 participants signed up already and that so many people have mentioned about how excited they are about the program.

    I know that I can speak for the whole ETG group when I say that this is very exciting for us, too, and that we can’t wait to see what everyone thinks!

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  6. stuff & a list | | on

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  7. […] say that it took A LOT of time and energy to get where we needed to get to by launch date. Also, we launched the programme with a guest speaker (only the best: Michael Stephens!) and planning that event alone took a considerable amount of […]

  8. […] Last week, we were super fortunate to have Michael Stephens join us on campus for the launch of our very own learning 2.0 programme: Learning 2.0 @ Mac! […]

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