Learning 2.0 @ Mac Learning Groups

A day away from kick-off!

As we mentioned at the launch (and on the About page), we’ve put all participants into Learning Groups and assigned Team Leaders to each of the groups (members of ETG). Once again, the purpose of the Learning Groups is to provide you with a small community to provide support and encouragement, and to ask questions, discuss ideas, and explore together! We have no formal expectations of the groups — feel free to meet if you’d like to, or simply email each other if you have questions or ideas you’d like to discuss. And your Team Leader is your go-to person if you have questions about any of the activities or about the programme in general.

Without further ado, here is a list of the Learning Groups for the programme.

Group 1
Team Leader: Amanda Etches-Johnson

  1. Neera Bhatnagar
  2. Dorothy Fitzgerald
  3. Lindsey Kempster
  4. Allison Thompson
  5. Helen Turner
  6. Debora Stefanysyn
  7. Jane Syrotuik
  8. Ruth Elliott
  9. Jennifer McKinnell

Group 2.0
Team Leader: Wade Wyckoff

  1. Sue Ryan
  2. Hope Li
  3. Jill Bedford
  4. Linda Cardwell
  5. Michael Walton
  6. Kathy Ball
  7. Ann Philbrook
  8. Laila Zvejnieks
  9. Patricia Pilon
  10. Lynn Sorowka

Group 3
Team Leader: Kelly Penfold

  1. Olga Nicholl
  2. Eva Crevier
  3. Laurie Lancaster
  4. Linda Michtics
  5. Dorothy Sage
  6. Julie Wilson
  7. Colleen Mackinnon
  8. Lynn Comiskey
  9. Katherine Fairman

Group 4
Team Leader: Alex Homanchuk

  1. Rhonda Moore
  2. Lynn Schneider
  3. Lou Hale
  4. Margaret Rutten
  5. Donna Millard
  6. Peggy Findlay
  7. Frances Mccrone
  8. Lorna Turcotte
  9. Kim Pickett

Group 5
Team Leader: Wade Wyckoff

  1. Sylvia Halfon
  2. Mark Maceachern
  3. Heidi Rotter
  4. Barbara Mcdonald
  5. Vivek Jadon
  6. Helen Creedon
  7. Donna Thomson
  8. Karen Foster
  9. Vivian Lewis
  10. Patricia Dempster

Group 6
Team Leader: Alex Homanchuk

  1. Mary Mastroianni
  2. Beverly Bayzat
  3. Pauline Yoo
  4. Angela Paolozza
  5. Kathy Ouellette
  6. Barbara Zingel
  7. Adele Petrovic
  8. Krista Godfrey
  9. Elisabeth Maynard
  10. Valerie Cranmer

Group 7
Team Leader: Debbie Lawlor

  1. Kathy Garay
  2. Audrie Schell
  3. Renu Barrett
  4. Nora Gaskin
  5. Sarah Van Maaren
  6. Alex Erasmi
  7. Wiktor Rzeczkowski
  8. Kathleen Fletcher
  9. Derek Bragg
  10. Sheila Turcon

Group 8
Team Leader: Amanda Etches-Johnson

  1. Ann Pearce
  2. Debbie Trebych
  3. Tamara Monster
  4. Olga Perkovic
  5. Dennis Parks
  6. Sylvia Dion
  7. Anne Pottier
  8. Mila Khayutin
  9. Denise Johnson

Group 9
Team Leader: Kelly Penfold

  1. Margit Wessner
  2. Brendan Shea
  3. Pat Collins
  4. Ines Perkovic
  5. Jeannie An
  6. Melanie Garaffa
  7. Linda Cooper
  8. Mary Ruth Linkert
  9. Nancy Waite

Group 10
Team Leader: Debbie Lawlor

  1. Kitty Ku
  2. Linda Pretty
  3. Marcia Settle
  4. Rosalind Clarke
  5. Sandra Simmons
  6. Marlene Mastragostino
  7. Anne Plessl
  8. Eden Mclean
  9. Leslie Edwards

One last thing: if you haven’t signed up for the programme yet, it’s not too late! To sign up, send me a message and I’ll add you to one of these groups.

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