Week 3 Wrap-up

So, what’s the good word on RSS? Well, we have quite a few “good words” this week!

  • The New Librarian” just set up her Bloglines account this week and she’s already hooked!
  • felidu” has been using RSS for a few months already and sees the benefits of RSS to busy professionals, like physicians. So true!
  • Our “Ideas to Steal” blogger is already dreaming of the day when RSS feeds could be more like newspapers! (I say they’re better! But you knew I’d say that 😉 ).
  • Our very own Colleen MacKinnon is already so “2.0” that she’s proclaiming that RSS feeds are where it’s at! Rock on, Colleen!
  • home row” admits to being off to a slightly skeptical start with RSS, but adding new feeds to your aggregator two days in a row sounds convincing to me!
  • Dante’s Kitchen” found the whole RSS set-up to be cumbersome and is wondering about all those tabs in Bloglines. Three words for you, Dante’s Kitchen: you’re not alone! But, as with anything else, the more you use it, the more comfortable you’ll get with it.
  • Ann@Mac” is hip to RSS and sees it as “a great way of keeping up to date on your favourite news and websites“. She even shares the link to the RSS page for one of her favourite sites – thanks, Ann@Mac!
  • vanmaars” is another long-time user of RSS, so she knows what she’s talking about when she says “The one problem I have found with RSS feeds is the disappearance of time. Before you know it one or two hours has passed when you only wanted to check out one thing!!!” Consider yourselves warned!

Haven’t waded into the RSS world yet? Start by checking out this RSS post, then give it a go! And, if you’re having trouble, get in touch with your Team Leader or bug your fellow group members! Remember: there’s no such thing as a stupid question and we’re all here to learn and have fun!

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