So, how’s it going?

When we launched this programme a few weeks ago, the Emerging Technologies Group was blown away by the enthusiastic response we received. Enrollment is now up to 93 library staff members, 10 non-library participants, and an unknown number of “interested onlookers”! This makes us happy πŸ™‚

However, what’s really important to us is not how many of you signed up, but how it’s actually going for you. How are you finding the programme? What do you think of the activities? Are you feeling overwhelmed by all these new terms and technologies? Or do you want more, and faster? (Wait, I think I know the answer to that one!) Do you have any feedback for us? Anything we can do to make the programme better? More fun? Less overwhelming? We want to know! Use the comments section on this post to leave us feedback, or send us an email at

To us, a successful learning programme is all about happy participants who are being challenged, learning new things, and having fun. If this doesn’t describe you, let us know what we can do!

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  1. Rhonda Moore on

    hey Amanda and EMT group,

    I’ve been loving this whole Learning 2.0 process! The weekly activities have been well planned out and the information given has been great. I love the extra reading that you’ve given in the urls, so that those of us who want to know more can do more reading and investigating.
    I just wish I had more time to play with everything and get really into the various different things. I guess that is the idea though, that you are giving us the tip of the iceberg and it is up to us to delve as deep as we want to.
    I’ve been really enjoying it and am quite hooked on some of the stuff!!!

    Thanks so much for allowing us to be involved in such an activity. I, for one, am quite willing to ask for MORE!! I’m hooked πŸ˜‰

  2. kempster on

    Hi EMG – I’m also really enjoying Learning 2.0. I especially like the way you’ve integrated the tech-instruction with assignments that help us get to know one another (like the favourite books wiki). This is really nice for new people like me!

  3. Patricia Pilon on

    I am enjoying the Learning 2.0 course very much. I feel that I’ve learned quite alot in the past 3 weeks. I wanted to start my own blog about a month before I came to Mac so the course has fit right in for me. It’s good to be directed to sites and resources where we can practice with the technology and also read about how others use it. I also like being able to discuss problems with colleagues. Thanks for the effort you have put into this course so far.

  4. Julie Willson on

    Though I find the course very interesting I don’t feel that enough time has been given to complete the activities in Week 4. Reading all the information, absorbing it, and then applying this new found information in order to complete the activities assigned (plus work!) all takes time. Here at Thode the circulation and stacks staff only have one computer to use when it it is not being used for circulation purposes. Some staff will be left behind due to lack of time.

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