the finish line!

Well, it’s the end of week 11 and some of you have already crossed the “finish line”! Check out the Participant Blogs page – the πŸ™‚ indicates those who have completed all the activities and earned their MP3 players!

Speaking of MP3 players, the order is in and the players should arrive some time next week! We’ll post a picture and specs of the players as soon as they get here. The Emerging Technologies Group is pulling together a little event for mid-May (around the 3rd week, date to be confirmed) to hand out the MP3 players, draw for the laptop, and celebrate Learning 2.0 @ Mac! We’ll keep you posted as we firm up the details.


5 comments so far

  1. Lorna Turcotte on

    My thanks to the group who set this up and gave generously of their time to help us out when we had problems. I learned many new things, re-enforced others and caused me to think about the uses and consequences of social networking.

  2. liblearning on

    There has been a lot of information covered which deserves more discovery on my part (can this course material remain available for future reference?). Thank you for your work and efforts to drag us into the new world of social networking!

  3. amanda etches-johnson on

    Hi liblearning – all the L2@Mac content will stay right here on this blog, so you’ll always have access to it πŸ™‚

  4. sara on

    My contract at Mac ended just before all the fun started. I’ve used most of these tools before but have been following along anyway, enjoyed reading the blogs of my former colleagues and even started a blog for the library I’m working now!

  5. patricia on

    I have learned a great deal of info from L2@Mac. I will probably go back and check over some of the tools I didn’t get a chance to look at the first time around. Thanks to all of the organizers. The posts were informative, and gradually eased us into becoming more familiar with these tools. I also learned quite alot from the readings.

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