celebration! (and congrats, Pat!)

Pat wins the draw for the laptop!

Thanks to everyone who attended our L2@Mac celebration this morning! We handed out a bunch of MP3 players, tried a little DDR (at least some of us did!), drank coffee, ate scones, and had a draw for a Toshiba laptop! The winner? Pat Collins from Innis Library! Congratulations, Pat 🙂 Check out our Flickr account for a few pictures of this morning’s event.

In other news, the ETG blog will be taking a brief break for a couple of weeks (we need a breather! And you do too!), but we’ll be starting up again in a couple of weeks with posts about interesting 2.0 tools for you to check out. So, check back in a bit (better yet, if you subscribed to this blog in your RSS reader, you’ll know when we’re back if you’re keeping up with your feeds!).

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  1. […] up EVEN IF we didn’t promise them an MP3 player at the end of the programme (and a chance to win a laptop), the truth is that we probably would have had fewer sign-ups and completions! So, yes, enticements […]

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