About ETG

Welcome to the McMaster University Library Emerging Technologies Group blog! The Emerging Technologies Group (ETG) is responsible for exploring, evaluating, and piloting emerging technologies to improve service to our users. ETG consists of:

  • Harry Ennis, Coordinator, Library Services for Students with Disabilities
  • John Fink, Digital Technologies Librarian
  • Amanda Etches-Johnson, User Experience Librarian (chair)
  • Neera Bhatnagar, Health Sciences Library
  • Debbie Lawlor, Microcomputer Specialist
  • Shawn McCann, Immersive Learning Librarian
  • Nick Ruest, Digital Strategies Librarian
  • Wade Wyckoff, Collection Services Librarian

The main purpose of this blog is to communicate the activities of ETG with the staff of the library, but we also hope to use this blog as a platform from which to engage in the conversation about libraries and emerging technology with the wider biblioblogosphere!

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