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We’ve Moved!

The ETG blog has moved to The RSS feed for the new blog is right here.

We’re planning a new series of bi-weekly posts about 2.0 technologies that might be of interest to faculty, staff, and students, so run, don’t walk, to our new blog!

celebration! (and congrats, Pat!)

Pat wins the draw for the laptop!

Thanks to everyone who attended our L2@Mac celebration this morning! We handed out a bunch of MP3 players, tried a little DDR (at least some of us did!), drank coffee, ate scones, and had a draw for a Toshiba laptop! The winner? Pat Collins from Innis Library! Congratulations, Pat 🙂 Check out our Flickr account for a few pictures of this morning’s event.

In other news, the ETG blog will be taking a brief break for a couple of weeks (we need a breather! And you do too!), but we’ll be starting up again in a couple of weeks with posts about interesting 2.0 tools for you to check out. So, check back in a bit (better yet, if you subscribed to this blog in your RSS reader, you’ll know when we’re back if you’re keeping up with your feeds!).

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Life after L2@Mac…

After 12 weeks of exploring new tech tools, you’ve probably already come to the realization that technology is developing at lightening speed. Some of you have already told me that you feel relatively up-to-date as a result of your L2@Mac experience, but that you’re concerned that if you don’t “keep up”, you’re going to feel left behind by next week! So, how do you keep up? Here are a few ideas, tools and strategies:

Three little letters: RSS
There is nothing better than RSS to help you track your favourite sources (news, blogs, etc.) with minimal time spent surfing needlessly. If you completed the activities for week 3, you already have an aggregator set up, which is great. But how do you fill that aggregator with useful sources to keep you up-to-speed on these technologies? Read on!

ETG is your Emerging Technologies Group!
That’s right, ETG is here for you! Subscribe to this blog (if you haven’t already) because we’ll be posting about new tools and technologies of interest to academic libraries, teaching, learning & research. Also, subscribe to the feed for our account (the feed is right here. Remember to right-click the link, copy it, and then add it to your aggregator to subscribe). We use our account to link to interesting stuff we find on the web, so keep an eye on it if you’d like to know what we’re exploring!

Explore the Biblioblogosphere
“Biblioblogosphere” is the umbrella term for all library-related blogs (e.g. blogs authored by librarians, library vendors, etc.). There are literally hundreds of library-related blogs out there, many of which focus on technology, but others that focus on specific areas of library-related expertise and service (e.g. access services, technical services & cataloguing, reference, etc.). Here are a couple of ways to find library-related blogs of interest to you:

  • Browse through this list of library-related blogs on LISWiki
  • Search LibWorm (an RSS search engine that indexes the RSS feeds of library-related blogs) for a topic that interests you. You can subscribe to the search feed or use it to find new blogs that address topics that suit your interests.

Explore technology blogs
If it’s the nuts & bolts 2.0 tools you’re interested in, here are a couple of blogs you might want to subscribe to:

Keep an eye on the literature
There are a number of online journals and magazines that address the tools & technologies we covered during L2@Mac. Here are a few to keep an eye on:

The final word: keep up without getting snowed under!
Here are some tips to help you avoid (or overcome, as the case may be!) information overload!

  • Keep your RSS subscription list manageable – not too many that you are overwhelmed! The “right” number will be different for everyone, so figure out the number that’s right for you and stick with it.
  • Try to read your aggregator at least once a day. Take 15 minutes during a break or while it’s quiet at the desk. Scan the headlines in your aggregator, save or print out the items you’d like to return to later.
  • If you get busy and let your feed-reading lapse, don’t panic! Scan the headlines and titles and start afresh. Or click that “Mark all read” button and start over!
  • Monitor your interest in your feeds – if a week’s worth of content in a particular feed hasn’t held your interest, unsubscribe. Interests and priorities are constantly evolving, so don’t let your aggregator get bogged down with feeds that no longer interest you!
  • New web 2.0 technologies and tools are popping up almost daily! If you find a new tool that interests you, check out the website and subscribe to the blog (you’d be hard pressed to find a web 2.0 company without a blog!)

Got any other “keeping up” strategies you’d like to share? Leave a comment!

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Just a Friendly Reminder…

People seem to be making excellent progress with the program and the ETG crew is very proud of you all for participating and sticking it out even when the going got tough!

We’d just like to take a moment to remind everyone to keep blogging while they’re exploring the new technologies. This is partially about reflection and partially about accountability — we want you thinking about the technologies as well as giving us a way of tracking what activities you have completed. (See? There’s method to our madness! *grin*)

With that said, please don’t feel that we expect a novel out of you in your blog each week. Even if you just say that you completed the exercise, found it easy or difficult, and what you did or didn’t like about it is just fine. If you tried it and had no luck with it, we want to hear that too! Even if it’s a comment like, “I don’t get wikis. I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to do / can’t figure out how to get my page on the sidebar / whatever… wikis suck!” we want to hear it.

(We hope you don’t think something sucks, but hey, not everything is going to appeal to everyone, right?)

So! Please remember at the end of each week that is completed to put up a little note so that your group leaders know where you stand, what’s completed, and perhaps what troubles (or successes!) you might be having. Let’s keep the lines of communication open and make sure you’re also getting credit for your activities! 🙂


what we’re exploring

The Emerging Technologies Group had our first meeting last week and one of our tasks was to come up with a list of tools/technologies we’d like to explore for possible pilot projects in the library. Here’s that list:

  • open-source content management systems
  • podcasting
  • online social networks
  • blogs, wikis
  • social bookmarking tools like
  • Flickr

Expect to see this list grow as we come up with more cool tools to explore!