Congratulations & a Celebration

L2@Mac wrapped up at the end of last week and a big, hearty, CONGRATULATIONS goes out to the 68 participants who completed the programme! Give yourselves a pat on the back because you deserve it!

To celebrate, ETG is holding a little L2@Mac celebration event on Wednesday, May 30th from 10-11.30 am in Council Chambers (Gilmour Hall). We’ll be handing out MP3 players, holding the draw for the laptop, and generally just celebrating Learning 2.0 @ Mac! All are invited (not just those who completed the programme) so please join us!

PS: forgot to mention, Kelly’s bringing DDR!

PPS: You don’t have to be at the event to win the laptop! If you’re one of the 68 participants who completed the programme, your name will still be entered in the draw. If you can’t attend the event on the 30th, let Amanda know and she’ll deliver your MP3 player to you!


Are you L2@Mac CERTIFIED?

L2@Mac name tag! L2@Mac mug shot! L2@Mac tattoo! L2@Mac bling!

L2@Mac parental advisory! L2@Mac baseball cap! L2@Mac danger! dog ate your L2@Mac homework!

If you’ve completed all your activities (and if you see one of these ๐Ÿ™‚ on this page next to your blog link) you are definitely L2@Mac CERTIFIED! Display your certification proudly by adding an “L2@Mac Certified” image to your blog! Click here for the complete gallery of images (instructions for how to add the image to your blog are on the individual image pages) or create your own at ImageChef!


Hi everyone – a quick post to let you know that L2@Mac has reached an exciting milestone: as of just a few minutes ago, 50 participants have completed the programme (that’s over half the number that signed up)! With a couple of days left until the deadline (Friday, May 11… let’s make it midnight!), we’re sure there will be a few more smiley faces on this page!

Way to GO ๐Ÿ™‚

One final activity!

Congratulations on reaching the end of Learning 2.0 @ Mac! As you know, the deadline to complete all the activities is May 11 (that’s this Friday!) in order to qualify for your MP3 player and to be eligible for the draw for a laptop!

For the final week, we have just one last thing we want you to do: summarize your thoughts and reactions to what you’ve learned over the past 10 weeks. Here are just a few examples of the sorts of things we’d like to know:

  • What were your favorite technologies, tools or activities?
  • Has Learning 2.0 @ Mac helped you get comfortable with emerging technologies? How?
  • Were there any take-aways or unexpected outcomes from this programme that surprised you?
  • What could we do differently to improve upon this programโ€™s format or concept?
  • (And this is what we really want to know!) If the Emerging Technologies Group offered another discovery programme like this in the future, would you chose to participate?

While this final activity is not mandatory, we would very much like to hear your thoughts & reactions to the programme, so consider this a final favour to your Team Leaders ๐Ÿ˜‰

Need an incentive to catch up on your L2@Mac activities…?

box o' MP3 players!

box o' MP3 players

MP3 players

…The first batch of MP3 players has arrived!